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School of Radiologic Technology

Welcome to the exciting field of Radiologic Technology. As you read through this catalog, you will be taking your first step into a fascinating career in one of today's most vital health care fields.

As a Radiologic Technologist, you are part of a highly educated team of health care professionals who are dedicated to bringing health and well-being to thousands of people. You’ll work with some of the most advanced diagnostic equipment available today, and will enjoy the title of Technologist in the highest sense of the word.

Our Vision

Lakeland Regional Medical Center School of Radiologic Technology, providing the best educational experiences.

Our Core Purpose / Mission

Graduating individuals with the qualities, knowledge, and competencies necessary to become Registered Radiologic Technologists.

Our Values & Beliefs

We promise….
to treasure all people as uniquely created
to nurture, educate and guide with integrity
to inspire each and every one of us to do our very best

Goals and Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Students will demonstrate competence for successful practice as entry level radiographers.
    • Students will utilize proper radiation practices on all exams.
    • Correct technical standards will be achieved and demonstrated during procedures.
    • Adequate positioning skills will be represented by students.
  2. Students will develop and demonstrate growth, professional ethics, and characteristics of a healthcare practitioner.
    • Students will develop a strong understanding of the core vision and values of the radiography practice including ethical issues and characteristics of exceptional radiographers.
    • Graduates will indicate that they plan to continue their education – either in an advanced modality or for a more formalized degree such as a masters or bachelors.
  3. Students will demonstrate abilities in effective communication with staff and patients.
    • Student will illustrate through oral interpretations that they are able to effectively communicate and relay information to patients, & hospital staff.
    • Student will demonstrate appropriate writing skills.
  4. Students will apply critical thinking and problem solving skills necessary for professional practice.
    • Students will select and critique images to build oral critical thinking skills.
    • Students will be expected to use critical thinking and problem solving skills in the clinical setting.
    • Students will use critical thinking skills to analyze ALARA principles. (Oral Presentation)
  5. The program will help to effectively meet the community need for certified radiographers.
    • Graduates will pass the ARRT exam on 1st attempt.
    • Students who initially start the program will graduate.
    • Graduates seeking employment will find employment within 6 months.
    • Graduates will score at least an 84 on ARRT registry.
    • The reported score each year on each section of the Registry Exam will be at least 8.2.

Program Effectiveness Data

American Registry of Radiologic Technologist Radiography Exam pass rate for 5 years

Year Percent passing on 1st attempt Number of Students
2009 100% 11 of 11 students passed on 1st attempt
2010 100% 4 of 4 students passed on 1st attempt
2011 100% 8 of 8 students passed on 1st attempt
2012 100% 10 of 10 students passed on 1st attempt
2013 100% 4 of 4 students passed on 1st attempt
5 year average 100%

The number of graduates who pass, on first attempt, the credentialing examination administered by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) compared with the number of graduates taking the examination within six months of graduation.

Five year average job placement rate within 12 months of graduation

Year Percent job placement Number of Students
2009 100% 11 of 11 students employed within 12 months of graduation
2010 100% 5 of 5 students employed within 6 months of graduation
2011 100% 8 of 8 students employed within 6 months of graduation
2012 100% 10 of 10 students employed within 6 months of graduation
2013 100% 1 not actively seeking employment
4 of 4 students employed within 6 months of graduation
5 year average 100%

Job Placement Rate – The number of graduates employed in Radiography within twelve months of graduation, compared to the number of graduates actively seeking employment in the radiologic sciences.

Five year average for Program completion

Year Percent completion Number of Students
2009 92% 12 started 11 graduated
2010 50% 10 started 5 graduated
2011 80% 10 started 8 graduated
2012 100% 10 started 10 graduated
2013 63% 8 started 5 graduated
5 year average 78% 50 started 39 graduated

Program Completion Rate (calculated annually) – The number of students who complete the program (after orientation) within a cohort compared to the number enrolled in the cohort initially.

The Program Effectiveness Data for Lakeland Regional Medical Center School of Radiologic Technology may also be obtained at the JRCERT website:


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